Web Design/Development

As a web developer, I can design and implement a site from scratch, or I can use WordPress or Drupal to quickly create a pre-designed blog or site. My skills range all the way from graphic design to database design. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics, write standards-compliant hand-coded HTML/XHTML, style using the latest CSS, add interactivity with Flash and JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks (like jQuery), and add back-end functionality using PHP and MySQL.

Websites & Pages

thumbnail for North Central Roller Skating website
thumbnail for Halloween-themed page
thumbnail for Big Andy's Worm Farm website
thumbnail for Anoka Chiropractic Clinic Website
thumbnail for Thompson Computer Services website

Website Wireframes/Mockups

Mockup thumbnail for this site
Mockup thumbnail for a hair salon site
Mockup thumbnail for the Little Red Hen Flash animation
Mockup thumbnail for the North Central Roller Skating Website
Mockup thumbnail for a Halloween-themed page
Mockup thumbnail for the Anoka Chiropractic Clinic student project
Mockup thumbnail for a Park and Garden web page

Photoshop Logos/Banners

Thompson Computer Services Logo design thumbnail
Another Thompson Computer Services Logo design thumbnail

Photoshop Play

North Central Region Competitive Roller Skating Website

This site was a total re-design of the very old existing site. (If the site is down, try the alternate location).

Halloween-themed Pages for Little Red Hen Micro-sites

2 Halloween-themed pages (the other is here) that make use of JavaScript and CSS3. View in Safari/Chrome for best results.

Big Andy's Worm Farm

Big Andy's Worm Farm is a Little Red Hen Micro-site.

Anoka Chiropractic Clinic (School Project)

This is a website I designed and implemented for a school project.

Thompson Computer Services (School Project)

This is a school project website that I created as a possible home-business website.

Mockup for the Home Page of This Site

This is one of my earlier designs for the home page of this site.

Mockup for a Possible Salon Spa Site

Photoshop Design for the Little Red Hen Flash Animation

Mockup for the North Central Roller Skating Site

Photoshop Layout for a Halloween-themed Page

Photoshop Mockup for a Fictional Anoka Chiropractic College Class Project Website

Photoshop Mockup for a Potential Park and Garden Site

Photoshop Design - Vacaction Poster for Hell

Photoshop Design - Mustang Advertisement

Photoshop Design - Collage of Images From My Trip to Hawaii

Photoshop Design - Ad for Jazz and Blues Festival

Photoshop Design - Mashup of Different Characters

Photoshop Design - Shakespeare - The Tempest - Promo

Photoshop Design - Poetry Slam Promo

Photoshop Design - Spheres!